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About us

From 1987 the best way to sell your frozen food in Italy

About us

Mita bc is the exclusive commercial office in Italy of several top international producers of frozen sea food and frozen vegetables and acts on behalf of others as intermediary.

It was founded in 1987 by Mr Giancarlo Nati.

For their sales, the producers benefit from Mita’s large experience in the market and take advantage of the established wide portfolio of selected customers.

During the last 15 years the sales achieved by Mita bc have been over 135 million of kg of frozen products among around 300 operators in the italian market, on behalf of more than 100 producers coming from 21 different countries and 4 different continents.

Mita’s major sales include the following items: 

  • squid
  • shrimps
  • swordfish
  • octopus
  • cod
  • cuttlefish
  • baby-octopus
  • mussels
  • clams
  • mushrooms
  • peas
  • broadbeans

and many more.

Giancarlo Nati

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